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About Personal and Non-Commercial Usage Limits:

It is obliged to state that BOF OTELCİLİK RESİDENCE A.Ş . is the owner of the mark or copyright in personal and non-commercial reproductions which are permitted up to one copy.

Obligations of User:

A user who becomes a member of website guarantees that all information given is true. User is obliged for all transactions executed by own username and password and entire results arising from these transactions. User commits not to give own password and username to anybody.

Despite is an updated website at any time, facility/tour information, prices, payment conditions and campaigns are symbolic. BOF OTELCİLİK RESİDENCE A.Ş . cannot be obliged to absence or failures arising from typographic or late updates. Every product and provider’s own conditions are valid in bookings. If user wants to book to any of these products, user is deemed to approve current booking conditions of provider to which booking product belongs.

About Links Given To Third Party Websites:

In website, link belonging to other websites can be given directly or indirectly. The purposes of these links are to give information or advertise. The contents of other websites contacted over website are under the responsibilities of connected websites. BOF OTELCİLİK RESİDENCE A.Ş . cannot be obliged to the contents of these websites and any problem to be caused about these websites.

About Information That Users Will Send to

In website; forms that are filled and sent through internet by users, chat and Suggestion-Complaint pages which users come together to message with booking staff are present. Users have no rights to use illegal contents such as curse, threat, provocation, disturbing words and give harm to other’s legal and personal rights.

Because this type of forms and pages are deemed to be intellectual products of BOF OTELCİLİK RESİDENCE A.Ş ., owner of website, they are forbidden to be used in other websites or in order to reproduce as examples.Internet users have no right to use these pages for exhibiting commercial behaviors such as selling a product or service, advertise commercially etc.

Shopping Security?

Your personal information that you use while shopping within are under protection when you are either online or offline. Information given while executing transactions of membership and bookings has been protected within SSL security system. Your customer information is impossible to be seen by third parties, and third parties have no opportunity to interfere. For the purpose of providing this security, we act in 128 byte SSL security area during membership transactions. This is a coding system which is impossible to be broken, and is an international standard. As well as your personal information while you use to execute transactions through and also entire information about your transactions are protected by coding. This information can be used only depending on sales procedures and within instructions given by you. They are not shown, assigned to third parties; can only be informed to your relevant bank.

About Rights and Liabilities: exerts to the utmost to check on entire content present in the website. But and its owner BOF OTELCİLİK RESİDENCE A.Ş cannot be held accountable to information and price failures inside website. can make any changes and updates in pages at any time. website and its owner BOF OTELCİLİK RESİDENCE A.Ş cannot be held accountable for failures of booking, sales or information arising from these changes. and its owner BOF OTELCİLİK RESİDENCE A.Ş cannot be held accountable to any direct or indirect financial-moral losses arising from usage of website.

These conditions come into force when user begins to use website.

BOF OTELCİLİK RESİDENCE A.Ş has right to change these conditions at any time.

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