Bof Hotel CEO Suites Ataşehir

Designed with the concept of home, Bof Hotel CEO Suites Ataşehir turns every moment into a new experience. Our restaurant, which includes the distinguished flavors of Turkish and world cuisines on its menu, offers a perfect service experience not only during your hotel accommodation in Ataşehir, but also at every moment of the day.

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Bof Hotel Uludağ Ski & Convention Resort

We offer all the flavors of Turkish and World cuisines to our guests from the skillful hands of our chefs. In our non-alcoholic all-inclusive concept, gala dinners are also organized on special occasions.

Bof Hotels Business

Having included the most elite tastes of the Turkish cuisine and the world cuisine in its menu, our restaurant awaits to serve you not only during your accommodation time but anytime of any day. Our chefs are re-interpreting the traditional tastes with their skilful hands.

Our restaurant, which is designed by using the natural wooden materials, is inspired by the power of plainness. Our rich menu offers the perfect selection from among the various cuisines of the world, providing the opportunity to experience the tastes which are more original than each other. Our experienced personnel shall ensure the perfect service experience for you from the moment of your entrance by bringing you together with the most perfect tastes.

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